The Otter Who Loved To Hold Hands

The Otter Who Loved To Hold Hands

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Otto feels safest when he holds hands with his family at night... so safe that he insists holding hands during the day too! What will persuade the little ottter to face his fears and finally let go?

Every evening Otto's family come together to hold hands when they sleep. But in the morning Otto doesn't want to let go! Poor Otto's parents can't get anything done with him holding on to them, but he's just too worried and afraid to be left on his own.

Until one day Mum opens a special shell with a pearl inside that sparks Otto's attention!

It's beautiful... and he can see another otter inside it, reaching out to him!

Otto takes the pearl into his hands - and realizes that he's not holding on to his Mum or Dad anymore, and he feels fine!