Guardians Rising Booster Pack

  • $7.00

Guardians Rising sealed booster pack. 10 cards per pack

Rising Guardians contains many amazing cards such as:
-Tapu Lele GX
- Double colourless energy secret rare
- Aqua patch secret rare
- Decidueye GX
- Sylveon GX
- Alolan Ninetales GX
- Rare candy secret rare
- Tapu Koko GX
- Primarina GX
- Max potion secret rare
- Incineroar GX
- Turtonator GX
- Drampa GX
- Lycanroc GX
- Toxapex GX
- Metagross GX
- Wishiwashi GX
...and many more amazing holos and rares!

No card is guaranteed in a booster, booster packs are random but will contain at least 1 rare and 1 reverse holographic card