De' Ja' Vu

De' Ja' Vu

  • $39.99

I could swear I’ve seen that before…or have I? Your memory can play tricks on you!

This visual memory game is great for family fun. You’ll take turns flipping over cards and testing your memory and acting quickly to grab objects. But beware! If you make a mistake, you’ll pay a penalty! The more it’s played, the more challenging it gets.

To start a round, shuffle the cards and place them face-down on the table. Spread all 36 objects around the card pile. Take turns flipping over the top card on the pile to form a face-up discard pile. All players try to memorize the objects shown on every card as they are flipped. When you think you’re seeing an object on the card for the second time, race to pick up that object from the table. Players get one point for each object collected. The highest number of points wins.

Game Contents:

  • 36 objects
  • 36 oversized cards
  • Instructions