Top 5 Non-Fiction Picks for September / October

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Sometimes it can be hard to get kids interested in learning new information, so here's some top picks of non-fiction books from this month to keep your kids learning! (note: these are in no particular order)

1. 100 Facts Dinosaurs

You can't really go wrong with dinosaurs! The 100 facts range contains easy to understand information and lots of images to keep the kids interested. It's a fantastic range which is massively popular in all of our stores (and you'll see it feature several times on this list). Dinosaurs are classic, you can almost always get younger boys interested in learning when they're presented with these giant beasts!

Ideal for: Boys aged 6-10


2. Horrible Histories - Groovy Greeks

Horrible histories are a  classic series that make history fun through comedy and gruesome facts! The Greek empire are a culture that many children don't know a lot about, so this gives them new facts on a whole new era. The fun cartoons and facts throughout the book will make sure they can't put the book down!

Ideal for: Boys 9-11


3. 100 Facts Mammals

Another consistently popular title from the 100 facts series. Containing facts about all sorts of animals as well as lots of pictures, there's plenty to keep every animal lover captivated.

Ideal for: Girls aged 7-12


4. 100 Facts Saving the Earth

This has proved to be one of our most popular non-fiction books and it's no wonder. With the increase in environmental awareness and more environmental science being taught at schools at a younger age, many kids feel they need to do their part and are actively looking for new facts on what they can do.

Ideal for: Boys and girls aged 8-12


5. Inside Gadgets

Similar to the 100 facts books, this contains bite-sized pieces of information and plenty of pictures so it is easy to read. This helps children to understand how the gadgets they use every day actually work and can give them an appreciation of how things around them work together.

Ideal for: Boys and girls 8-11

Want more ideas? You can check our non-fiction range here!


Important note: This is simply an opinion piece. Please consider what is best for your child and their ability.

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