LynnMall's Top 5 Picture Book Picks

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Our manager at LynnMall has put together his top picks for picture books, so have a look through and see if any of these sound like your cup of tea!

Heaven by Nicholas Allan:

Dill the dog has been invited to heaven and Lily wants to join him but has not been invited.

Dill describes his perfect idea of heaven being lampposts, bones and smelly things which is very different from Lily’s version of a whole island made of chocolate and ice cream clouds.

Dill must say goodbye to his friend forever.

A beautiful story that helps deal with the parting of a furry friend.


Batmouse by Steve Smallman:

After Pip spots a bat flying in the night sky, he wants nothing more than to grow wings and be a bat.
Armed with cardboard wings he made, will Pip ever become a bat and fly?

In a minute, Mum by A.H. Benjamin & Nick East:

When asked to do something, Rory always replies with “in a minute” which keeps on getting him into trouble.

What can be done to help Rory change his ways?

A great read with a valuable lesson.

“We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury.

  The family have embarked on a journey to find a bear,traveling through mud,forests and even a snow storm. Will they find the bear in the end?

A great classic story that you can sing along to with the kids!

Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss

Sam-I-am keeps on pestering Grumpy Grouch to try Green eggs & ham.

how much can grumpy grouch take before he gives in and tries the peculiar looking Green eggs & ham?

A great read that teaches that we never know of we like something without trying it first.

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