Homework Books - Helpful or just more work?

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Homework books, are they actually helpful or do they just create unnecessary work for you and your child?

There is conflicting evidence about whether excessive homework actually helps or harms your child*. After doing a bit of reading on the subject, it looks like it all comes down to life balance. So YES, you definitely should let your kids be kids but possibly quick activities are the best way to go.

Academic achievement can also have positive effects on self esteem and it has been shown that a lot of a childs development is impacted by their early years and the brain pathways they develop as a young child.

A really good option for those who are wanting to keep their kids minds stimulated and keep them in-line or ahead of their peers is the Gold Star range. These cater for a variety of abilities and have gold stickers to mark the achievement of finishing activities. These stickers can either be used in the book to mark as they make progress or could even be used on top of any existing rewards programmes you have at home!

The Gold star range also tries to keep the activities to a manageable amount for each age. So a page of activities for a 5 year old will be faster to complete than those for a 7 year old, so it is kept in line with their attention span. This will help to teach them the basics without boring them or making it feel like a chore.

We also have a range of other homework books available, however these are usually in small quantities so are not available online, come visit us in store or flick us an email if you'd like some more choices!

So while homework books may seem like a chore to get your kids to do, you may want to try just doing a page each night and see what effect it has!


* Links: Xu & Corno; Chen & Stevenson

Important note: this is simply an opinion piece. It is important for you to consider your own childs needs and capabilities.

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